Welcome to TROPAWS: The Return of Panggau Warriors!

The Return of Panggau Warriors is a series of fantasy novels that narrate the adventures of Panggau warriors in defending the world of Borneo rainforest. It brings the ancient characters and creatures from Iban mythology to the present day environmental issues.

The Series was born out of Apai Sampurai’s and my wish to introduce  Iban mythology to the world, to tell stories that serve to explain how the traditional Dayak Iban society views their world. We believe that if people from all over the world can be well-versed in the ancient Greek myth and legends, there is no reason why they can’t be as well-versed in the ancient Iban myth and legends.

We decided to work on realizing our dream by writing a series of fantasy novels that highlight modern environmental issues in Borneo rainforest.

Working on this Series has given me great pleasure. While I can share the finished products, the novels, to the readers, the backstage stories remain unseen.

This site is dedicated to give the deserving credits to all the supporting roles that are not given much spotlight in the novels simply because they are not the main characters. But without them, the novels would be like a blank piece of fabric. I am referring to the animals and plants of the forest, and the landscapes where the scenes happen, and above all, the Iban culture, legends, folklore and mythological tales, all of which – if I weave them right – will turn into various adventurous, heroic, and beautiful stories.

This  is also a record of the efforts and the struggles to take Iban mythology out of the comfort of its home — Sarawak, Borneo, by me and by any others who wish to preserve the precious cultural heritage to the present generation and the next. After all, we are who we are because of what the past made us.

I hope you will enjoy reading my stories.

Your myth restorer,

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Indai Sampurai


email: tropaws@gmail.com

twitter: @Indai_Sampurai

facebook page: The Return of Panggau Warriors

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, it very interesting to know that there is a book about Panggau Libau the warrior myth Land. My name also one of the Iban warrior name together with Keling and Laja.

    In the beginning I always wondering why my name is Sempurai. But then now, Sempurai name is a famous name in Sarawak.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sempurai,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to drop your comment.
      Feel free to browse through the other posts and add in any information you know.

      P.S.: My son is also called Sampurai 🙂 and maybe that’s the reason why Sempurai of Panggau Libau is my favorite character out of the quartet Panggau Warriors (Kelimg, Laja, Sempurai, and Pungga).

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